The Uncommon Octopus exists to help inspired, creative, passionate people like you bring their books into the world.

We’re a small company on purpose. We love making words sing by doing high-quality, high-touch work to help people bring their messages into the world in a way that makes an impact.

You have a book in you. You are intelligent, successful, versatile, and passionate, but your ideas are in constant motion. You need help settling them onto the page, making your story clear, concise, entertaining, and downright amazing.

We can help you do just that. First, we listen for your message. Once we understand your unique voice and story, we help you distill your book into its best, most incredible self.

Then, we coach you through the process of writing, or write it for you as you like. You will end up with what you came for: your story told in your voice–powerful, effective, and with your own personal brand of passion.

Why Uncommon? Because this octopus is fluid, flexible, and powerful, just like the message you have to bring to the world. He uses words, crafts books, and can even put on a suit and tie. As well, he’s been known to tell raunchy stories and sip single malt.

The strength of the Uncommon Octopus is here to guide you.

Expand your reach.

Increase your creative influence.

Put your vision into words.

Let us illuminate your most vibrant story.

Start by clicking on this link to set up a free consultation. Our team would love to hear from you.

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