Karen is terrific at what she does

Karen is terrific at what she does–I call her “the coach’s coach and the writer’s writer.” It’s a great day when I can consult with her on a writing project or refer a potential client to her, not only because she does great work, but because she’s a true professional and delivers on her promises–every one of them! She’s creative and innovative, skilled and affirming, and she adds a delightful touch of panache to everything she does!

Virginia McCullough

This book would not have been possible without the incredible patience and literary skills of my book developer

This book would not have been possible without the incredible patience and literary skills of my book developer, Karen Lacey. Karen took my shoebox of unintelligible gibberish and turned it into a powerful step-by-step book on how to win at Customer Experience. For nearly a year Karen set shotgun as we built a manuscript designed to truly serve our reader with actionable insights. Ironically, some of the best customer service I’ve ever received in my life was from the very book developer that helped me write a book on how to deliver exceptional Customer Experience. Now that’s poetry.

What Customers Crave

Karen and I worked together on two full length books

Karen Lacey and I worked together on two full length books. Aside from her high quality writing and insightful feedback on edits and content, the experience was not only a fulfilling one for me but a fun one as well. I enjoyed working and collaborating with Karen very much, as she made the process a pleasure and stress-free. Much of this was due to her great demeanor and her ability to mirror my writing needs and style so closely that it turned into a partnership, rather than a working arrangement. I can’t say enough about how beneficial and pleasurable the experience was with Karen. Her ability to handle the multiple tasks I requested in a high quality and friendly manner was extraordinary.

Jack Tatar
‘America’s Safe Retirement Coach’ Author, Safe 4 Retirement: The Four Keys to a Safe Retirement; Having the Talk: The Four Keys to Your Parents’ Safe Retirement; What’s the Deal with Bitcoins? Columnist, Wall Street Journal’s Marketwatch.com Owner, People Tested Media President, GEM Research Solutions

Karen is a magical author whisperer.

Karen is a magical author whisperer. Far beyond her editing skills, she has the capacity to coach, support, and encourage the process of birthing a manuscript from inception to final formatting. She tuned into my writing, understood my message, and made sure we were synched before ever suggesting a single change. She eased into the editing process with respect for my writing and a gentleness that instantly gained my trust. Karen is truly gifted and provided me with the guidance and feedback essential to moving my message forward and out into the world.

Carole Marie Downing
MA, Heart Centered Professional Coaching

I was lucky enough to work with Karen on my first novel

I was lucky enough to work with Karen on my first novel, Gridley Girls, which sold so well in its first months of publication as an indie book that I promptly signed a three-book deal with a publisher and took it off the market. The Gridley Girls series will now launch June, 2016 thanks to my original work with Karen Lacey. Karen doesn’t just know what she’s doing as an editor. She’ll hold the hand of a first-time author, guide them through the process and even rush your job when you need to (though my best advice is to listen to Karen and don’t rush the job!). I’m forever grateful to Karen for helping me launch what I hope will be a very long career. PS — this was not edited by Karen. Please don’t hold my inadequacies against her.

Meredith First
Author of the Gridley Girl series