Speed-to-market is an ubiquitous business term. The concept being, you have a unique, brilliant idea and you want to get it into people’s hands and minds before your competitors do.

But . . . in this blog we’re talking books. Art. Creativity. Refinement. bolide on high-speed road

“Books take forever to write,” you say. “Years, decades, lifetimes. Er . . . don’t they?”

“You have the sight now Neo, you are looking at the world without time.”

~ The Oracle in The Matrix



I say, not necessarily so. Full disclosure, my current novel is in its fourth year of birthing. (Painful, shockingly ugly, sloooooooooow.) However, in that time I’ve written and collaborated on a dozen books for clients.

In fact, for “proper” publishing houses I’ve written, edited, and handed off to the formatting folks, full length manuscripts in two months.

  • Two.
  • Friggin.
  • Months

Now, I didn’t have much of a life during that time. My friends and family became intimate with my voicemail, my neighbors checked for . . . smells. Even my cat arched her back and hissed when I finally hobbled from my office, hunched as an arthritic centenarian.

Nonetheless, if YOU have a great idea and want to get your book done fast, it’s possible. You need three things:

  • Time
  • An expert
  • A wee bit of funds

1) Time. I mean real time. Not blocking a couple of hours each day in between yoga and happy hour. I mean highlight and delete your schedule.

The thing is, time is the greatest gift you can give yourself, or anyone else for that matter. Time for what you want, what you need. I’m not talking about Forever Time. I’m talking about Temporary Time. Two months. You can do it.

2) Find an expert. Yes, you can write a brilliant book all by yourself. But we’re talking about time, right? Face it, if you wanted to become a race car driver, would you just block off some time and drive around really fast? Or would it be more efficient to block off that time and hang out with someone who really knew their stuff about driving race cars fast?

You get the idea. Find an expert; a dedicated, quality, soul-filled coach-writer-editor (ahem, that would be me?), and hire them.

But first . . . make sure they understand your message from their heart. A zillion writing experts are available, but not all of them will speak the language of You. Your language, your message, your soul. Don’t waste time, find an expert who actually hears You.

3) You will have to pay this expert. Sorry. But in a sense it completes the cycle. After all, they’re giving you a gift that will last you a lifetime: a book PLUS the knowledge to do it again with less help the next time. What you learn will last you forever. To pay is to honor their gift.

Besides, it gets the job done. Unless you’re sleeping with them, a true expert won’t do it for free. They’re too busy helping people who will pay.

This person can coach you, or they can sit their bum down and write it for you. The choice is yours.

In the end . . .

You can have a book on the shelf in a short amount of time. Like two months. But it takes commitment from every corner of your being. In fact, that’s what I love about writing and books so much: it takes everything I am. All my travel, all my people, all my mistakes. I pour it all out and transform it into my client’s message.

What about You?

Do you have a brilliant idea you want to put into a book-on-a-shelf? Tell us about it. Let us help you get started, whatever your time.